General Features

  • Construction period : 1943
  • Manufacturer : Vienne Floridsdorf (Autriche)
  • Number of copies : 7559 machines
  • Energy : Coal
  • Maximum speed : 80 km/h
  • Width: 3,10m
  • Length : 22,975 m
  • Weight in service : 146.70 (tender and engine)
150 Ty2 6690 - Class 52 Steam Locomotive
150 Ty2 6690 - Class 52 Steam Locomotive
150 Ty2 6690 - Class 52 Steam Locomotive
150 Ty2 6690 - Class 52 Steam Locomotive
150 Ty2 6690 - Class 52 Steam Locomotive

Acquiring the machine

In 1996, the CFTVA acquired this steam locomotive with the help of the Ministry of Tourism and the Regional Council. It is a 150 Y Type 52 “Decapod”, light (maximum 15.6 tonnes per axle).

Machine history

In 1942, the Deutsche Reichsbahn began the construction of this series of locomotives (“Baureihe” or “BR” 52), of simplified design, without non-ferrous metals and with a closed driver's cab.

From 1942 to 1945, 7,559 so-called “war” locomotives were manufactured by 15 different European manufacturers, including a small part in France in Graffenstaden and numbered 52,001 to 52,7792. They constitute the largest series ever built in the world, and belonged to the railways of 14 countries. At the liberation, in addition to the 17 manufactured in France, the SNCF recovered 25 machines abandoned by the Reichsbahn. These machines constituted, at the SNCF, the 150 Y series. Our machine, the Ty2 n° 6690, left the Austrian factories of Vienna Floridsdorf in 1943, belonged to the “PKP”, the Polish Railways, and there underwent a major overhaul in 1991, in the Olesnica workshops. She was transferred to Arques by barge, via the German, Dutch and Belgian canals, then landed on the quays in front of the Fontinettes boat lift.

More information

Features of the 150 TY2 6690 machine:

Features Value
Total mass in running order 86.07t
Adhesive mass 77.4t
Mass per driven axle 15.6 t (most loaded)
Minimum radius of inscription in curve 90m
Diameter of cylinders 0.66m
Piston stroke 0.66m
Grid area 3.9 m2
Total heating surface 177.6 m2, total superheat area: 63.7 m2
Inside diameter of the boiler 1.70m
Boiler capacity 8,000 liters
Original Boiler Stamp 16 bar (reduced to 14)
Electric lighting by turbo-dynamo
Driving position right

Characteristics of the type 32 Y tender, nicknamed “bathtub”:

Features Value
Empty mass 18t
Water capacity 30,000 liters
Coal Capacity 9.40t
Total mass in running order 60t
Total mass Tender + Locomotive 146.70t
Mass per axle 15t

Welded semi-cylindrical water tank, acting as a chassis, allowing an appreciable weight saving of 11 tonnes compared to a classic riveted tender of the same capacity.

It is equipped with a water level indicator, a sheath for large fire tools, a screw handbrake, boxes for tools and cans.

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